Corpus Medicorum Graecorum / Latinorum

The Corpus Medicorum Graecorum (CMG) and Corpus Medicorum Latinorum (CML) publish critical editions of Greek and Latin medical texts from the 5th century BC to the end of antiquity, with modern translations and exhaustive lists of names and words. The editions may be supplemented with commentaries that provide factual, linguistic and text-critical information on the text. The Supplementum Orientale contains writings of Greek origin that have survived in medieval Arabic, Syriac or Latin translations. The Supplementum, which was initially reserved for editions with translation when these were not yet standard for the main series, now publishes translations of writings that have appeared in the CMG/L only in the original language. The Supplementum is also open to volumes of studies, collections and conferences closely related to the main series.

An overview provides information on the available volumes. Out-of-print volumes are available as reprints in print-on-demand. Open-access online editions are listed and displayed in Editionen online.

The CMG and CML series, which are regarded as reference editions in the field of ancient medicine and have set new standards for historical-critical editions of specialist ancient texts beyond the field, continue to exist. The advisory board of the project also acts as the editorial board for the series. An anonymous peer-review process will decide on inclusion in the series. Print preparation is to be carried out largely by the external collaborators in cooperation with the De Gruyter publishing house through the use of suitable editing software.