The CMG features an extensive collection of films and photocopies of ancient medical manuscripts in Greek, Latin and Arabic; these materials have been made accessible to foreign project collaborators for use in preparing their editions.

That portion of the estate of renowned scholars (K. Deichgräber, H. Gossen, G. Helmreich, J. Ilberg, H. Schöne) which has come into the possession of the project office contains preliminary work for the text editions in our series, as well as a manuscript for an unpublished “Lexicon of Sciences for Classical Antiquity”, in 11 folders.

The 40 folders of extensive handwritten materials that served in the preparation of H. Diels’ catalogue, Die Handschriften der antiken Ärzte, Parts I and II, Supplement 1, Berlin 1905-1908, contain descriptions of medical manuscripts from the collections of predominantly European libraries.

The library of the Academy project, which is being systemically enlarged, numbers among its holdings text editions of ancient medical authors from the beginning of the 16th century to the present, the corresponding secondary literature, special works on ancient medicine, as well as general medical histories and medical reference books.

Originally compiled in index card form, the extensive bibliography for the history of ancient medicine has, since 2002, also been maintained as a database.