Bibliographies to Hippocrates and to Galen (Fichtner)

After the death of Gerhard Fichtner in January 2012 the bibliographical reference works on Hippocrates and Galen are continued at the Projects Office. The latest PDF-files can be downloaded for private use here.

  • Corpus Hippocraticum. Verzeichnis der hippokratischen und pseudohippokratischen Schriften (Version 2022/12)

We appreciate if readers help us keeping the files up to date. Please use our form to suggest corrections and additions.

[In order to ensure citability at all times, we also make all older versions of the bibliographies available for download here: Corpus Hippocraticum Version 2017/12; Version 2016/12; Corpus Galenicum: Version 2019/12; Version 2019/01Version 2018/06Version 2017/12Version 2017/11Version 2017/5Version 2015/9Version 2015/8 ]