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Galen of Pergamum. The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion of Ancient Medicine

New Publication

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum V 6,1,3

Galeni De locis affectis edidit, in linguam Germanicam vertit Carl Wolfram Brunschön

Galen of Pergamon, in his six-book treatise De locis affectis (On the recognition of diseased parts of the body), develops a method with the help of which the ancient physician can identify the diseased part of the body, even if it cannot be perceived directly. In Books V and VI, the diseased parts dealt with are mainly in internal organs from the heart downwards in the order a capite ad calcem. In particular, damage to activity, pain, excretions, unnatural growths, body colour and pulse are used and interpreted as indications. Using examples from his own practice, Galen illustrates the therapeutic success associated with such a procedure.
The present volume offers the first critical edition of Books V and VI of this central Galenic writing. Based on all known Greek textual witnesses, the text has been reconstituted and translated into German.
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New Publication

Corpus Medicorum Latinorum II 1

Scribonii Largi Compositiones edidit, in linguam Italicam vertit, commentatus est Sergio Sconocchia

The few available biographical data on Scribonius Largus, who was very close to the Julio-Claudian family, do not reflect the importance of the powerful medical-pharmacological work of this author, the first Latin specialist. It is often quoted from Galen's sources, extensively excerpted by Marcellus Empiricus and passed on in numerous recently found and reliable excerpt manuscripts. In addition to the Toletanus 98.12 of the direct tradition, which was discovered by the editor, the printed Editio princeps and Marcellus, the edition takes into account numerous witnesses of the indirect tradition, with readings that are sometimes unexpected but genuine.
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New link-lists in Editionen-online

Here you will find overviews of the works of the most important medical authors of classical antiquity with links to resources available online. Each directory is searchable and most categories can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking the header. The directories are updated regularly, and we are grateful for feedback with corrections and addition. To the list ...


CMG-/CML-volumes available again

The project office has released paperback reprints of CMG- and CML-editions no longer available in print. They can be bought at,, or You can find an overview of available titles here.

New Publication

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum V 12,6

Galeni In Hippocratis Aphorismorum librum VI commentarium edidit, in linguam Italicam vertit, commentata est Christina Savino

The Hippocratic Aphorisms are among the most influential testimonies of ancient medicine, and Galen's commentary was the key to their understanding in later reception - both in the East and in the West. Despite its interesting and varied content, the commentary has so far hardly been examined and never been edited. This volume offers the first critical edition of the sixth book with Italian translation and explanations.

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New Publication

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum Supplementum VI

Jutta Kollesch: Kleine Schriften zur antiken Medizin

With the publication of the Collected Papers by Jutta Kollesch we pay tribute to her long-standig career as Head of research of the Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum at the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

The collection contains publications on ancient medicine from its beginning to the end of Antiquity, on the history of the Corpus of ancient physicians and a selection of reviews, all of which still highly pertinent and of interest for historians of medicine and classicists today. Link to the publisher's homepage here.

CMG-Proposal Granted

Galen of Pergamum: The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion of Ancient Medicine (Corpus Medicorum Graecorum)

We are glad to announce that the new proposal “Galen of Pergamum. The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion of Ancient Medicine” of the CMG has been accepted as a long term project of the “Akademienprogramm” of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences und Humanities.

We will concentrate in the following years on the edition and interpretation of Galenic works in the domains of psychology, topology of the body, epistemology, nosology, therapy and on the literary genre of scientific commentaries. 

The edition series “Corpus Medicorum Graecorum”, “Corpus Medicorum Latinorum”, the Supplement series of the former and their respectiv programs will be maintained.
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The Academy research project "Galen of Pergamon: The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion oft Ancient Medicine" is part of the Academies’ Programme, a research funding programme co-financed by the German federal government and individual federal states. Coordinated by the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, the Programme intends to retrieve and explore our cultural heritage, to make it accessible and highlight its relevance to the present, as well as to preserve it for the future.